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Forthcoming Lectures

  • ‘Strategy and War in the Modern Age’: the Changing Character of War annual lecture in Oxford at 5.00 pm on Tuesday 24 May 2016. This will be followed by a drinks reception. Register online 

  • John Wesley Lecture, on ‘John Wesley and History’, in the Oakeshot Room at Lincoln College, Oxford at 5.00 pm on Wednesday 25 May 2016. The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception from 6.00 to 7.00 pm. Details from Bill Gibson, 

  • ‘The International System and Global Military Developments at the time of the Great Northern War’ at the Royal Danish Defence Academy, Copenhagen, on 17-18 August 2016. Details from

  • ‘London in the Age of the Great Fire,’ in the Livery Hall of the Guildhall, London at 6.00 pm on 6 October 2016, followed by a reception. Details from 

  • ‘War and International Relations, 1400-2100’, the Kenneth Waltz Annual Lecture at Aberystwyth University, at 6 pm on 13 October 2016. Details from Ken Booth, 

  • ‘The Practice of Strategy in the Eighteenth Century’, at the Gunther E. Rothenberg seminar, High Point University, 29 October 2016, details from Rick Schneid,  The other speakers will be Dennis Showalter, Bruce Vandervort and Rick Schneid.

  • ‘Eighteenth Century Britain through the Perspective of War and International Relations’, at the Long Eighteenth-Century seminar at the Institute of Historical Research, London, on ‘Eighteenth Century Britain through the Perspective of War and International Relations’, at 5.15 pm on 7 December 2016. Details from Penny Corfield, 

  • ‘Mapping, Power Politics, and the Challenge of the Americas’, in the Auditorium, British Library, London, at 6.30 pm, 8 December 2016. There is a charge which goes to the BL to cover their staffing overheads. Details from Philip Davies, 

  • ‘Could the British have won the American War of Independence’, Library Evening at the Athenaeum, members and guests, 15 November 2017.

Recorded lectures

The Geopolitics of the Revolution: lecture delivered for FPRI. Listen now

On 1 April 2016 Jeremy delivered his lecture 'The Politics of James Bond' to NYMAS. Listen now

On 12 July Jeremy Black discussed his Counterfactualism book: what might have happened had the Americans not won the War for Independence. Listen to the recorded interview here.

On American Independence Day Jeremy delivered his insights into the Colonies' quest for independence from a British perspective. Listen to archived episodes of the Political Bistro anytime at or by searching for "The Political Bistro" on iTunes. (Archived episodes posted the day after live airing.)

The Politics of James Bond

interview for 'The Political Bistro' on 5 October 2014. Listen to the podcast>>

James Bond: the politics and culture of a national icon

for the University de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (24 January 2014)

Sherlock Holmes lecture

Sherlock Holmes lecture

Mary Washington University Great Lives Lecture Series, 27th of March 2012
Running time: 1:16:22

The Politics of James Bond

Delivered at North Georgia College & State University, November 2011:

  1. The Politics of James Bond - Part 1
  2. The Politics of James Bond - Part 2 
  3. The Politics of James Bond - Part 3 
  4. The Politics of James Bond: Question Session - Part 1 
  5. The Politics of James Bond: Question Session - Part 2

Great Military Leaders - Interview with Jeremy Black

War, Disease and the World 1450-2000. Jeremy delivers the second 2005 Chauncey Leake Lecture

The European Question. The Robert Strausz-Hupe Memorial Lecture, December 2005


University of Virginia Summer School at Oxford
“We are so thankful for the time and effort you spent planning and the many meaningful hours you shared with participants. You provided the participants with a wealth of knowledge, while making the information both interesting and thought-provoking. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your love of history with U.Va.’s alumni, parents and friends. The program was a huge success, which was made clear to us by the participants’ feedback:

o Best pair of lecturers I have ever had the privilege of hearing.

o Andrew and Jeremy are a perfect team.

o Tterrific. Their knowledge was exceptional and their presentations left the class engaged.

o High quality of all lectures - vitality and enthusiasm of instructors.

o ...wonderful - thoroughly knowledgeable about their subjects (and everything else!), engaging, good communicators, sociable - the perfect choices for this seminar.

o ... dynamic and friendly professors.